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Improve Your Printer’s Performance by Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting


Lexmark Printers comes among the best printers and used widely across the world due to its state-of-the-art features and performance. But just like any other electronic device or printer, Lexmark Printer also shows some issues with time, and it’s pretty normal too.

But, to recover their best printing performance, one has to do Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting as soon as possible. So, here we are telling you about various problems associated with them with their solutions so that our article is helpful for you.


Before beginning with the Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting procedure onto your printer, it’s good to know about the type of printer that you personally own. Each of the printer type has some internal specifications that make it unique.

  • Inkjet printers
  • Laser-jet printer

Here we are discussing about some of the most effectivemethods of Troubleshooting Lexmark Printer Problems with their solutions. So, keep on reading!

How to Do Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting for Your Printer That Don’t Print?

In case, your Lexmark printer don’t process the print jobs, you might be facing one of some common issues. If the print spooler service of your computer isn’t working properly or not even started, then your Lexmark printer is not able to get the print jobs. The printer might require power cycled so as to clear out its print job’s data, or paper might be jammed into the printer. So, follow our Lexmark Printer Troubleshootingprocess to solve this issue in the following steps-

Step 1-

Press ‘Start’&‘Control Panel’.

Step 2-

Now, type ‘Computer Management’ into the Control Panel’s search-box. Now, doubleclick on the icon that shows up.

Step 3-

Click on the ‘Services’.Press‘Print Spooler’. Now,click the ‘Restart’ so as to re-start the spooler service of your computer. Send the print job once again in order to know if this Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting has fixed the issue.

Step 4-

Un-plug your Lexmark printer & disconnect interface cable. Now, open Lexmark printer so as to ensure that no paper has caught into the machine. Keep the printer being powered off for a minimum of 30 seconds before re-connecting it. Now, send your Lexmark printer, a print job to see if this problem has been fixed or not.

Step 5-

Un-install & then re-install the drivers,which came with your printer for Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting in this step.

Step 6-

Check Lexmark’s website for the updated drivers of your particular printer. If drivers that you got with your Lexmark printer are older, then your printer might not work properly.


Having issues with the consistent output, like unintentional grayscale, splotchy prints or white lines? Here are some of the common ways ofTroubleshooting Lexmark Printer Problems.


Banding stripes on a page of text becomes a pain&they are usually caused by 2 things, i.e., low-ink cartridges & a dirty printer’s head.

Dirty Printer’s Head Nozzles

Cleaning print heads can help inTroubleshooting Lexmark Printer Problems of such kinds. The process varies from one printer to another& there might be a selection on the printer’s control panel, or into the printer’s software onto the computer.

Printing of Blank Pages

The printer prints & makes sounds, but prints the blank pages.

Empty-Ink Cartridges

Check out your ink-cartridge levels so as to see if they have got empty. Replace those empty ink-cartridges with the new ones.

Print-Head Issues

A print-head is that container which holds the ink-cartridges. Check out to see if the ink-cartridges are properly aligned with that of the printhead. If the print-head is dirty, then clean it.

Faded Prints

  • The printer is being low on toner
  • The print’s density is too low
  • Economode-printing has turned on


Paper Jams

As your Lexmark printer tries to print something, the paper jams &it fails to print. Paper crumples up & needs to get removed.Now, we will tell youabout the most effective ways ofTroubleshooting Lexmark Printer Problems of this kind.

Paper Jammed in the Paper Tray

  1. Lift scanner unit so as to see where paper has got jammed.
  2. Firmly & carefully pull out the paper sheet from paper tray.

Take care not to rip that paper while attempting to remove it.

Paper Jammed in the Duplex Unit

  1. Remove duplex unit through pressing down the top button.
  2. Pull out the unit while the button is down.
  3. Set the unit one side & check out for jammed paper.
  4. Firmly yet gently pull the paper out for Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting.

Paper Jammed in Roller(s)

  1. Lift scanner unit so as to see where paper was jammed.
  2. Firmly grip the paper & carefully pull out, without tearing or ripping it.

If there’s a bundle of paper which got stuck within the rollers, then use the tweezers for carefully removing them.


In this problem, your printer won’t, or has some problems related to copying or/and scanning documents.

Scanner or Copier Doesn’t Respond

  • Check out to see if your computer has been connected well to your printer.
  • Check out to see if you’ve chosen your printer as your printing device.

If issues still persist, remove & reinstall the software.


Wireless Problems

Computer won’t connect to, or can’t find the printer.

Refresh the Wireless Connection

Turnoff your wireless connection in your computer & again put it on so as to attempt for a refresh in the connectivity. It contributes to your Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting.

Turning Demo-Mode Off

Check to see if the Demo-Mode is on for Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting.

  1. Turn off the Demo-Mode by using your printer’s control panel.
  2. Select setup, settings& then, Demo Mode.
  3. Turn the Demo Mode off & press save.

Ensure that Your Computer&Printer are Connected with the Same Network

  • Check so as to see if your computer is well connected to the internet.
  • Check if your internet-connection is same as that of the network on which your printer is working.

Move Computer or/and Printer Near to the Wireless Router

Your wireless network range can vary according to different factors. If your computer or/and printer is near to the router, the connection would be stronger. It will be helpful in Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting.


If you didn’t find any way ofTroubleshooting Lexmark Printer Problems above, then it may be the time to get your printer treated by a professional.  You can contact us now to get your printer serviced well.

  • Print Spooler problems
  • Print quality being too poor
  • Driver-installation problems
  • Lexmark printer’s setup errors
  • Printer not working or printing
  • Paper jam and cartridge issues
  • Performance &speed is slow
  • Troubles in updating drivers
  • Unable in aligning paper and print head
  • Difficulties in using printer onto the network
  • Lexmark’s wireless printer prints too slowly

So, contact our Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting experts now, and get the prompt resolutions to any of your printer issues.

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